2016 Route 47

Dessert Wine

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"Sweet and spicy, this wine bursts with orange blossom, lychee, rose geranium and caramel on the nose. Flavors of fresh pear, apricot and spice cake mingle with a glaze of orange, parrafin wax and nutmeg."

52% Gewurztraminer, 24% Riesling, 24% Muscat

The 2016 Vintage
2016 will go down as a fantastic grape growing year for Oregon's Willamette Valley. The growing season started 4 weeks earlier than last years early budbreak. Temperatures were up and down all season, with a short heat spell early on and a significant cool period in August. This provided a lengthened growing season, resulting in small berries with highly concentrated flavors. With the extra time comes more a more focused and relaxed atmosphere in the winery. Add to that the total lack of bird and disease damage and you have some very happy winemakers. 

Wine Specs
Yamhill-Carlton AVA
Vineyard Designation
Elk Cove Vineyards
Alcohol %